Thursday, December 19, 2013

Come and go

Some says "people come and go". Yes indeed they do. I realize how true that statement is. I saw some good movies and dramas where people met each other and for some reason they didn't stay forever. That is everyone's fears, don't denied it. We cannot force someone to stay with us if they don't want to. We could ask, but not to force. There will come a day where we couldn't do anything except to watch that someone 'go'. It's not our choice. It's just how it meant to be. 

Yes, There is no easy way to watch people just come and just walk away from your life. But a life is life. It will never pleased you with your own way. I'm not sure about tomorrow, but We ain't blind about today. Whatever we do, not many people are pleased with us. We try our hard just to pleased them, but none of it matter. Sometimes we had to be selfish huh? Just to ensure that our guard is on, because what is within us, is fragile. But if we fail to put our guard, then what? Let it bleeds and let times heal. If we can let them in, we can let them out. 

Allah doesn't want us to be attached, too much with this dunya. Look what happen when you are too attached with this dunya, you depend too much on it, where you are not supposed to. Your eyes are too blind to see the flaws around you. Your ears are too deaf to hear the lies around you. Wake up wake up cause Allah want you to open your hand. You might got something much more better if you show your patience. Whatever happened today is just, like taking a quiz. A simple quiz, that make you aware and prepare for tomorrow. The dunya is just a test from Allah, and if you cannot bear with it, no one can help you except from Allah alone. 

We cannot have everything we wanted. It doesn't work that way. We can only make dua' that is favourable to us and ask what is the best for us. Ask anything that you think is best for you. If you got what you asked, then it is the very best for you, and vice versa. Don't expect too much from the dunya because it is not a promissing land. And when the 'come and go' make a visit, you already know what to expect.


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