Friday, July 1, 2011

what do you think about failing?

assalamulaikum to all of you. it has been  18 years since I was born on December 1993. I went through all kind of experience. but the most precious event that I will never forget was failing. yes, failing in exam, failing in relationship with family or failing with life. how do you feel when you fail on something? it must be awful.  no one like failing. when we fail in something, we realize that we need to do something to stop us from failing.

for example when I fail in my exam, I will focus at the subject that I weak. after that, my mark started increased slowly. But, I'm not a brilliant student at school. I try my best till now. But may Allah prevent me from ri'aq because of knowledge. 

Then I started to think, Am I good enough to feel arrogant? how people think based on my attitude? how do I look in front of people? that's kind of question floating in my head. I feel like a jerk. or may be I am a jerk. I never really be grateful to ALLAH subahanallahtaala. maybe I said alhamdulillah with my mouth, but what about my heart. before I was here at IIUM, I had never feel like a muslim. maybe there were right about 'islam only on their name but not in their heart'. I was that kind of person before I came here. 

I think only now that I know how to be grateful to ALLAH in all my heart.

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