Wednesday, June 29, 2011

pengalaman berborak dengan org yg berilmu.

assalamulaikum readers. how do you feels today? fine? alhamdulillah. ucapkan lah alhamdulilah walau pon kite tidak berape sihat. ini kerane kite perlu bersyukur dengan ap yg tuhan beri kat kite. Kalau tak, kite akn termasok dlm golongan yg tidak bersyukur. hindari lah dri golongan itu. ok, enough with that. let us continue to our headline. petang ini aku telah berborak bersama rakan aku yg agk tinggi ilmu die dlm agame. nak kate tggi sgt tak le. tapi bole pergi la kan ilmu die.

byk perkare yg kami borak kan. pasal hukum hudud, agme dan laen2. pasal cinte pon aku ade selit kan skit. yela, aku dah la byk keraguaan psl cinte nie. akhirnye dah terjawap dah. aku mmg ske mendekati org2 yg lebih berilmu dari aku ni. bak kate pepatah klau kite berkawan dgn penjual minyak wangi maka wangi lah kite. so aku amk pepatah ni jadi kan panduan hidup kat cfs nilai ni.

lagi pon roomate aku semua berilmu pengetahuan. tak kire lah ilmu dlm ape pon. tapi semua ilmu yg baek lah. tak ade ilmu yg tak baek. dan aku nie jenis org yg suke mendengar. so, aku dengar je la ape yg diceritakan. dari crite politik sampai lah crite sejarah. jadi dengan mendengar kite akn menjadi lebih berpengetahuan dari sebelumnye.

                yg baju putih tu ibarat aku la tengah mendengar kawan aku yg berilmu berkate2.

so ape moral yg korang bole dpt agk2 nye dri pengalaman aku ni? ke tak ade moral langsung ape yg aku ckp ni. the moral is, we must communicate with different people if we want to gain our knowledge. jgn la asyk bercampur dengan org yg jenis same mcm korang je. sekali skale cube la cari org yg laen jenis dgn korang. then you will know how life is.

aku ni pon blom la lagi bergaul dgn ramai org yg laen jenis. cume beberape org je. tapi tak ape, insyaallah aku menuju ke arah itu. well, i think that's all for today. hope we will meet again soon. insyaallah. assalamulaikum.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

first novel that i read: A walk to remember

well hello folks and assalammulaikum. Today i would like to talk about the novel that i just read. A walk to remember. well as you all know, we as malaysian are not often reading books. me myself also doesn't like to read a book. but, my lecture asked the classes to read a book. we actually have to read and write a review about the book. and we have to read one book per week. PER WEEK! i'm usually read one book every 3years. yup, that's me.

since the lecture told us to do that, i went to the book shop to find the suite novel for me. so i found this novel and i read took me a week to finished it. and now i can make a conclusion based on my understanding.

yes, this book is great. it's a great love story. the beginning of this story sort of boring but it became interesting when you keep reading. this story is about a young boy from north carolina fall in love with a girl same age which he and his friend thought she some kind of weird girl when they were still a kid. the boy name is Landon and that girl name is Jamie.

how can you fall in love with a girl that you thought weird. that's the interesting part to know. Jamie looks weird because she always carried her bible wherever she go. people at school always talk behind her. they always say something not nice about her.

so how London get to know her? well, first London asked Jamie to go to the homecoming dance because he had no one else to ask. so Jamie agreed to go but with one condition, Landon cannot fall in love with her. London started to notice that Jamie is the same as the other normal teenager when he helped Jamie to do a play before Christmas eve.

after a week the play was done, London always spent time with Jamie. he always walked her home and that make them even more closer. London then realize how nice Jamie is.

Now London had fall in love. but he hadn't tell Jamie yet how he felt on her. and when he tell Jamie how he loved her. Jamie cried. still remember the part i told you that Jamie asked London for not to fall in love with her?. well the reason is because Jamie has a disease. leukemia.

now I try to imagine these situation on me. and it's hard to accept. how do you fell when someone that you love the most tells you that he/she are dying?. well..if you want to know the ending just read the book. i suggest that you read this book. membaca amalan mulia :) assalamulaikum.

p/s sorry kalau grammar tak betol. tolong btolkan lau slah. i'm still learning.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

kehidupan di cfs iium nilai

first of all, assalammualaikum. secondly sorry I haven't post a new entry lately. or should I says I never post a new entry at all. Ok, enough. I would like to share some experiences in here where I study. for your information I'm a student of international islamic university of m'sia (IIUM) and I'm now doing my foundation right here at Nilai.

The first week, I have to go to Petaling Jaya the centre for foundation studies for the ta'aruf week. ok, ta'aruf week means minggu orentasi. ta'aruf is in bahasa arab. non like the others university in m'sia, in IIUM on ta'aruf week, we have to take the English placement test and Arabic placement test. so I got level 4 in English and level 1 part 1 for Arabic. so I have to stay here for 2years. yeah!. I guess. that's the first challenge from IIUM for us. the ta'aruf week was fun. I gain experiences from ta'aruf week. well thanks for that.

there's one thing I like about this place. get a new friends. I'm always wanted to have new friends. sorry to say but I'm kind of boring to hangout with the same old friends everyday and every years. it's not like boring 'boring' if you know what I mean. But don't get me wrong guys, I love to hangout with my old friends and now i miss them trillion much.

ok, back to the topic. on the second week, we have to move to Nilai. all the art students will study here at Nilai. well, nilai is the best. at PJ we all fell like living in a prisons but an islamic prisons. by the time I wrote islamic, you should know what is islamic environment looks like. it's not that I don't like being in PJ. I like being there. it's just that I trapped over there. but in nilai we are like a free bird. you can go anywhere you like as long as you return to the campus. but the facilities in nilai is unsatisfactory.

after 2weeks in iium, then my class started. so long to wait to attend the classes. I still remember for my first class, the lecturer for that class didn't come. can you imagine that you all are excited to attend the class and meet your first lecture but the lecturer didn't came. disappointed is the best word to describe. and the coming week, my class went normally.

in IIUM, all student are compulsory to learn arabic language. I'm really interested in arabic classes. it's fun to learn other language you know. and I enjoyed arabic classes.

after a few week I'm living here, I'm started missing my home, family, friends. I'm not use to living far away from home. and this is the first time. bukan ank mnje, cume tak ade rezeki blaja jauh2. ok, I think that's all I want to write. assalamualaikum.