Tuesday, January 25, 2011


who does't like it?
most of people when i asked whether they want to go to school again or not, they answered yes.
i think school is the place that we can be anyone we like.
we can do whatever we want, where we want at anytime we like.
there is only one obstacle.
the regulation of school.
sometimes the school rules can be good and bad.
but most of the time it always bad.
really miss the school.
but can't wait to further my study .
when we finished our SPM, suddenly all the burden of responsibility is on our shoulder.
many thing that we have to think.
about our future, our life.
it's so hard to think.
but, we must pass through the resistance in front of us because our future is behind the obstacle.
no one says life is easy.
'mana nak dapat sagu kalau tak dipecah runyungnya'.
try to set a goal and try as hard as you can to achieve that goal.

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