Thursday, January 20, 2011


One evening, a boy name lantoi was playing inside his room. then his mother called him.

lantoi's mother: " lantoi, tolong mak belikan kredit 20ringgit.

then lantoi just said yes mom. he went to the shop to buy what he was told by his mom.

when he arrived at the shop, he asked the worker.

lantoi: " pakcik, boleh bagi saya keledek 20ringgit tak?"

then the 'pakcik' gave him what he asked for. Later lantoi called his mother than he said.

lantoi: "mak, berat la nak angkat"

lantoi's mother: " apa yang berat?"

lantoi: "keledek yang mak suruh beli la"

lantoi's mother: " ha?? keledek?? mak suruh beli kredit bukannya keledek!"

Because of being ashamed of himself, he had to ask his brother to come to the shop just to return back all the 'keledek' at the shop.

Moral of the story, please clean your ears frequently. 


  1. tp keledek sedap di mkn.. hehe..

  2. moral of the story , kesian budak tu , pekak . ;p

  3. sejk2 akhir2 ni hamka selalu update blog ,, btw , yg ni lawak , hahahaa