Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pursuit of Happiness


Pursuit of happiness. The word happy is a big word. It describes the best feeling. Everyone wants to be happy no matter what. But, this one big word we need to pursuit. We need to find it and keep it. It is not an easy thing to do. So, what should we do to bring happiness into our life?

1. By knowing what the best for you.
We know our self better than anyone else. So why should we listen to someone who barely know you. Don't let anyone tells you, you cannot do it. Not even your family. You have your own rights to manage yourself.

2. Don't give up.
When we failed, it's okay to be sad. It is normal. But please don't give up. When you giving up on something, that shows how weak you are. We need to be eager. We need to stand and fight back. Fight till the end.

3. Smile.
When it comes to attitude, ladies and gentlemen, please keep up your good attitude. The society understands  if you are having a bad day. But, would it be nice to at least smile to anyone who meets you. Your smile can bring cheerful to others.

4. Keep calm
Keep calm and relax. Don't rush. You know your ability. Try to use that ability as your strength. You need to  remember, life is not a race. Life is a journey. A journey to be want we gonna be. A journey to have what you really need. A journey to learn what you have to do. There ain't no perfect journey with a rush.

So, how to pursuit the happiness? Just be yourself and do what is right for you. If it's not working, try again and again and more harder.