Monday, July 18, 2011



Family is the best thing that had ever happened to me. I'm sure you all feel the same. if you don't you just miss something that valuable in this world. something that important to us. without them we are nothing. especially our mother and father. yes, I love my family super much. they made me who I am now. even though there is a time when they both mad at me because of my mistakes, I still love them and thanked them. I still remember when I was 7 years old, my dad had slapped me right on my face. and I wet my pants. I can't imagine how naughty I was before.

but then we're cool after a several years. my dad love to take us to a trip. like last week the whole family went to the i-city shah alam. although I'm at nilai, my dad still fetch me here. so I don't miss a thing. it has become a family tradition. but since I have already entered this university, maybe I don't have time to follow my family for holiday trip any more.

well if you guys have an issue with your family, you better get it done as soon as possible. you just have to remember that your family love you the most even your BF and GF can dump you but your family will not dump you. everyone has an issue. not only you. let's take a look at the family word. the last three letter is ILY which mean I love you.

Jaganlah kita marahkan keluarga kita sebab tak dapat apa yang kita inginkan. Janganlah kita lupakan keluarga kita bila sudah berjaya. Janganlah kita putuskan hubungan silaturahim antara keluarga. Tak kira lah baik atau buruk keluarga kita, mereka tetap family. keluarga lah tempat kita mengadu. Tempat kita berkasih sayang. Tempat kita gembira. Most valuable thing are family.

Friday, July 1, 2011

what do you think about failing?

assalamulaikum to all of you. it has been  18 years since I was born on December 1993. I went through all kind of experience. but the most precious event that I will never forget was failing. yes, failing in exam, failing in relationship with family or failing with life. how do you feel when you fail on something? it must be awful.  no one like failing. when we fail in something, we realize that we need to do something to stop us from failing.

for example when I fail in my exam, I will focus at the subject that I weak. after that, my mark started increased slowly. But, I'm not a brilliant student at school. I try my best till now. But may Allah prevent me from ri'aq because of knowledge. 

Then I started to think, Am I good enough to feel arrogant? how people think based on my attitude? how do I look in front of people? that's kind of question floating in my head. I feel like a jerk. or may be I am a jerk. I never really be grateful to ALLAH subahanallahtaala. maybe I said alhamdulillah with my mouth, but what about my heart. before I was here at IIUM, I had never feel like a muslim. maybe there were right about 'islam only on their name but not in their heart'. I was that kind of person before I came here. 

I think only now that I know how to be grateful to ALLAH in all my heart.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

pengalaman berborak dengan org yg berilmu.

assalamulaikum readers. how do you feels today? fine? alhamdulillah. ucapkan lah alhamdulilah walau pon kite tidak berape sihat. ini kerane kite perlu bersyukur dengan ap yg tuhan beri kat kite. Kalau tak, kite akn termasok dlm golongan yg tidak bersyukur. hindari lah dri golongan itu. ok, enough with that. let us continue to our headline. petang ini aku telah berborak bersama rakan aku yg agk tinggi ilmu die dlm agame. nak kate tggi sgt tak le. tapi bole pergi la kan ilmu die.

byk perkare yg kami borak kan. pasal hukum hudud, agme dan laen2. pasal cinte pon aku ade selit kan skit. yela, aku dah la byk keraguaan psl cinte nie. akhirnye dah terjawap dah. aku mmg ske mendekati org2 yg lebih berilmu dari aku ni. bak kate pepatah klau kite berkawan dgn penjual minyak wangi maka wangi lah kite. so aku amk pepatah ni jadi kan panduan hidup kat cfs nilai ni.

lagi pon roomate aku semua berilmu pengetahuan. tak kire lah ilmu dlm ape pon. tapi semua ilmu yg baek lah. tak ade ilmu yg tak baek. dan aku nie jenis org yg suke mendengar. so, aku dengar je la ape yg diceritakan. dari crite politik sampai lah crite sejarah. jadi dengan mendengar kite akn menjadi lebih berpengetahuan dari sebelumnye.

                yg baju putih tu ibarat aku la tengah mendengar kawan aku yg berilmu berkate2.

so ape moral yg korang bole dpt agk2 nye dri pengalaman aku ni? ke tak ade moral langsung ape yg aku ckp ni. the moral is, we must communicate with different people if we want to gain our knowledge. jgn la asyk bercampur dengan org yg jenis same mcm korang je. sekali skale cube la cari org yg laen jenis dgn korang. then you will know how life is.

aku ni pon blom la lagi bergaul dgn ramai org yg laen jenis. cume beberape org je. tapi tak ape, insyaallah aku menuju ke arah itu. well, i think that's all for today. hope we will meet again soon. insyaallah. assalamulaikum.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

first novel that i read: A walk to remember

well hello folks and assalammulaikum. Today i would like to talk about the novel that i just read. A walk to remember. well as you all know, we as malaysian are not often reading books. me myself also doesn't like to read a book. but, my lecture asked the classes to read a book. we actually have to read and write a review about the book. and we have to read one book per week. PER WEEK! i'm usually read one book every 3years. yup, that's me.

since the lecture told us to do that, i went to the book shop to find the suite novel for me. so i found this novel and i read took me a week to finished it. and now i can make a conclusion based on my understanding.

yes, this book is great. it's a great love story. the beginning of this story sort of boring but it became interesting when you keep reading. this story is about a young boy from north carolina fall in love with a girl same age which he and his friend thought she some kind of weird girl when they were still a kid. the boy name is Landon and that girl name is Jamie.

how can you fall in love with a girl that you thought weird. that's the interesting part to know. Jamie looks weird because she always carried her bible wherever she go. people at school always talk behind her. they always say something not nice about her.

so how London get to know her? well, first London asked Jamie to go to the homecoming dance because he had no one else to ask. so Jamie agreed to go but with one condition, Landon cannot fall in love with her. London started to notice that Jamie is the same as the other normal teenager when he helped Jamie to do a play before Christmas eve.

after a week the play was done, London always spent time with Jamie. he always walked her home and that make them even more closer. London then realize how nice Jamie is.

Now London had fall in love. but he hadn't tell Jamie yet how he felt on her. and when he tell Jamie how he loved her. Jamie cried. still remember the part i told you that Jamie asked London for not to fall in love with her?. well the reason is because Jamie has a disease. leukemia.

now I try to imagine these situation on me. and it's hard to accept. how do you fell when someone that you love the most tells you that he/she are dying?. well..if you want to know the ending just read the book. i suggest that you read this book. membaca amalan mulia :) assalamulaikum.

p/s sorry kalau grammar tak betol. tolong btolkan lau slah. i'm still learning.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

kehidupan di cfs iium nilai

first of all, assalammualaikum. secondly sorry I haven't post a new entry lately. or should I says I never post a new entry at all. Ok, enough. I would like to share some experiences in here where I study. for your information I'm a student of international islamic university of m'sia (IIUM) and I'm now doing my foundation right here at Nilai.

The first week, I have to go to Petaling Jaya the centre for foundation studies for the ta'aruf week. ok, ta'aruf week means minggu orentasi. ta'aruf is in bahasa arab. non like the others university in m'sia, in IIUM on ta'aruf week, we have to take the English placement test and Arabic placement test. so I got level 4 in English and level 1 part 1 for Arabic. so I have to stay here for 2years. yeah!. I guess. that's the first challenge from IIUM for us. the ta'aruf week was fun. I gain experiences from ta'aruf week. well thanks for that.

there's one thing I like about this place. get a new friends. I'm always wanted to have new friends. sorry to say but I'm kind of boring to hangout with the same old friends everyday and every years. it's not like boring 'boring' if you know what I mean. But don't get me wrong guys, I love to hangout with my old friends and now i miss them trillion much.

ok, back to the topic. on the second week, we have to move to Nilai. all the art students will study here at Nilai. well, nilai is the best. at PJ we all fell like living in a prisons but an islamic prisons. by the time I wrote islamic, you should know what is islamic environment looks like. it's not that I don't like being in PJ. I like being there. it's just that I trapped over there. but in nilai we are like a free bird. you can go anywhere you like as long as you return to the campus. but the facilities in nilai is unsatisfactory.

after 2weeks in iium, then my class started. so long to wait to attend the classes. I still remember for my first class, the lecturer for that class didn't come. can you imagine that you all are excited to attend the class and meet your first lecture but the lecturer didn't came. disappointed is the best word to describe. and the coming week, my class went normally.

in IIUM, all student are compulsory to learn arabic language. I'm really interested in arabic classes. it's fun to learn other language you know. and I enjoyed arabic classes.

after a few week I'm living here, I'm started missing my home, family, friends. I'm not use to living far away from home. and this is the first time. bukan ank mnje, cume tak ade rezeki blaja jauh2. ok, I think that's all I want to write. assalamualaikum.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

ingat pesan cikgu

assalammualaikum. hari ini tiba-tiba saya teringat pada cikgu-cikgu sekolah saya. haha. bahase baku palk. korang takkn tak rindu kat cikg skola kot. mesti ade skit lah perasaan rindu tuh. walau pon korang benci gile kat cikgu tuh. rase cam nak g skola blk je. tapi aku nak g slame 1 hari je. taknak lame2. nnt kene buat homework.

kepada guru2 yg mengajar saye, saye di sini ingin mengucapkan jutaan trime kasih kerana tidak pernah kenal erti lelah mengajar saya. walaupon blom hari kekasih guru lagi aku dah bagi ucapan cm hari guru ek. tak pe lah nnt hari guru aku bagi ucapan lagi. tapi lagi pnjg dari ni.

acap kali, acap kali, acap kali kite mendengar isu sejadah berdiri sampah haram. bile lagi nak berkesudahan? make mari lah kite bersame2 sebagai rakyat yg prihatin menjaga kebersihan kawasan perumahan kite. haha. bole jadi YB lah.

kat kwasan rumah aku tak ade smpah haram. kawasan rumah korang ade? klau ade tangkap org yg buang smpah kat kawasan korang tuh. tapi klau korang pon buat skali, cek tak tau la nak dok kata apo lagi.

eh ni bukan hantu langsuir. ni pokok langsuir. silap da.

ade lagi 1 bende yg paling aku tak leh lupe. isu ni berbangkit kat parlimen mase aku umo 7 tahun. isu hantu langsuir. korang ingat lagi kan 1 ketike dlu kecoh 1 m'sia pasl langsuir ni. siap jadi tajok utame kat brite tv dan kat surat khabar. skarang dah tak de dah. yg ade cume hantu kak limah je la. haha.

aku rase stakat ni jela aku nak membebel. tapi entri ni aku tekan kan kat isu langsuir sampah haram. udah2 le tu buat sampah. sekian trime kasih.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Alahai Dunia Blog.

assalammulaikum. haish. mengucap aku tengok dunia blog skrg. walau pun aku baru setengah tahun jangung, tapi aku turut rasa tempias drpd apa yg berlaku skrg. korang tahu lah kan isu apa yg hangit skrg. bukan ke kpd mereka yg lebih berpengetahuan dlm dunia blogging ni sepatutnya tunjukkan teladan kpd kami yg baru berjinak-jinak dlm arena ini.

Saya bukannya nak tunjuk pandai di sini dan bukannya cuba nak mengajar. Saya cuma bagi pandangan saya je. bukan niat nak memihak mana2 pihak. kita sepatutnya bersatu sebagai 1 komuniti. jadikan lah teladan dengan apa yg berlaku ini.

mari lah kita sama2 menjadikan blogging ini 1 wadah yg dpt dimafaatkan oleh semua pihak. jgnlah korbankan agama dan bangsa semata-mata hal yg remeh ini.

cewah. boleh jadi perdana menteri ni. haha. Perasan pulak. anyway, sekali lagi saya tegas kan bahawa saya sekadar memberikan pandangan saya shaja. sekian terima kasih.

kisah 3 mayat

Seorang pegawai polis masuk ke bilik mayat sebuah hospital untuk menyiasat punca kematian tiga lelaki sekaligus. Selepas memeriksa mayat-mayat itu, dia bertanya kepada penjaga bilik mayat berkenaan.

Polis : “Mengapa ketiga-tiga mayat tersenyum?”

Penjaga : “Lelaki pertama sedang bersanding, apabila tiba2 diserang strok. Lelaki kedua pula khabarnya menang loteri dan mati serangan sakit jantung manakala yg ketiga disambar petir.”

Polis : “Hah! Kenapa disambar petir pun tersenyum?”

Penjaga : “Masa tu dia ingat orang sedang ambil gambarnya!”

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

sudirman: lagenda seni tanah air malaysia

assalammulaikum. hari ni nak taip sikit berkenaan lagenda seni tanah air kite iaitu sudirman haji arshad.atau lebih dikenali degan nme sudirman. nme yg begitu gah di persada seni tanah air malaysia. spe yg tak kenal sudirman nie. budak yg baru lahir jee tak kenal. tapi dah besar nnt dirorg akn dikenalkan jugak dengan bintang berbakat besar ini. beliau dilahirkan di Temerloh pada 25 Mei 1954. Beliau merupakan anak bongsu daripada 7 orang adik-beradik. ha yg ni ramai tak tahu. beliau merupakan seorang peguam satu ketika dahulu. beliau mengambil jurusan undang2 ketika menuntut di universiti malaya. lagu2 beliau semua sedap2 seperti Balik Kampung, Chow Kit Road, Basikal Tua, Milik Siapakah Gadis ini dan yang paling kita akan nyanyikan setiap tahun adalah lagu “Tanggal 31 Ogos”.

Negara kita kehilangan seniman melayu boleh ini pada umurnya 37 tahun. Sangat muda dan berpotensi. Malah, Sudirman berdiri sama hebat dengan seniman lagenda P.Ramlee, Mokhtar Dahari, Tun Ghafar Baba dalam Malaysian Book of Records. Fuh, bukan calang-calang Sudirman kita nih. Beliau memang memenuhi ciri-ciri seniman melayu boleh yang diidamkan oleh semua orang dibumi Melayu ni. Bukan setakat menjadi penghibur, penyanyi, pelakon dan peguam. Beliau sempat buat rekod Malaysia lagi tuh. Siapalah agaknya boleh challenge beliau pada zaman sekarang nih??

baru pagi tadi aku dengar lagu sudirman. fuh! syahdu woo lagu die. hari tuh aku sempat menonton filem lakonan beliau iaitu kami. teringat mase kecik dlu aku ckp cite ni best. bile tgok balik menarik pulak aku tengok sudirman nie berlakon. allah lebih syg kan die. kini, masih belom ditemui peganti beliau walaupon bermacm2 progrem realiti diadakan. besepah aku tgok program realiti ni. naik muak pon ade. ape2 hal pon, jgn lah dilupai jasa beliau dlm industri hiburan tanah air kita. assalammulaikum.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

khutbah terakhir rasulullah dan wasiat baginda

Khutbah ini disampaikan pada 9hb Zulhijjah
Tahun 10 Hijriyang di Lembah Uranah, Gunung Arafah
Wahai manusia, dengarlah baik-baik apa yang hendak kukatakan, Aku tidak mengetahui apakah aku dapat bertemu lagi dengan kamu semua selepas tahun ini. Oleh itu dengarlah deign telti kata-kataku ini dan sampaikanlah ia kepada orang-orang yang tidak dapat hadir disini pada hari ini.
Wahai manusia, sepertimana kamu menganggap bulan ini dan Kota ini sebagai suci, maka anggaplah jiwa dan harta setiap orang Muslim sebagai amanah suci. Kembalikan harta yang diamanahkan kepada kamu kepada pemiliknya yang berhak. Janganlah kamu sakiti sesiapapun agar orang lain tidak menyakiti kami lagi. Ingatlah bahawa sesungguhnya, kamu akan menemui Tuhan kamu dan Dia pasti membuat perhitungan diatas segala amalan kamu. Allah telah mengharamkan riba, oleh itu segala urusan yang melibatkan riba dibatalkan sekarang.
Berwaspadalah terhadap syaitan demi keselamatan agama kamu. Dia telah berputus asa untuk menyesatkan kamu dalam perkara-perkara besar, maka berjaga-jagalah supaya kamu tidak mengikuti dalam perkara-perkara kecil.
Wahai Manusia Sebagaimana kamu mempunyai hak atas isteri kamu mereka juga mempunyai hak di atas kamu. Sekiranya mereka menyempurnakan hak mereka keatas kamu, maka mereka, juga berhak untuk diberi makan dan pakaian dalam Susana kasih saying. Layanilah wanita-wanita kamu dengan baik dan berlemah-lembutlah terhadap mereka kerana sesungguhnya mereka adalah teman dan pembantu kamu yang setia. Dan hak kamu atas mereka ialah mereka sama sekali tidak boleh memasukkan orang yang kamu tidak sukai kedalam rumah kamu dan dilarang melakukan zina.
Wahai Manusia, dengarlah bersungguh-sungguh kata-katku ini, sembahlah Allah, dirikanlah sembahyang lima kali sehari, berpuasalah di bulan Ramadhan, dan tunaikankanlah zakat dari harta kekayaan kamu. Kerjakanlah Ibadah Haji sekiranya kamu mampu. Ketahui bahawa setiap Muslim adalah saudara kepada Muslim yang lain. Kamu semua adalah sama; tidak seorang pun yang lebih mulia dari yang lainnya kecuali dalam Taqwa dan beramal saleh.
Ingatlah, bahawa, kamu akan menghadap Allah pada suatu hari untuk dipertanggung jawabkan diatas segala apa yang telah kamu kerjakan. Oleh itu Awasilah agar jangan sekali-kali kamu terkeluar dari landasan kebenaran selepas ketiadaaku.
Wahai Manusia, tidak ada lagi Nabi atau Rasul yang akan datang selepasku dan tidak akan ada lain agama baru. Oleh itu wahai manusia, nilailah dengan betul dan fahamilah kata-kataku yang telah aku sampaikan kepada kamu. Sesungguhnya aku tinggalkan kepada kamu dua perkara yang sekiranya kamu berpegang teguh dan mengikuti kedua-duanya, necaya kamu tidak akan tersesat selama-lamanya. Itulah ALQURAN dan SUNNAHKU.
Hendaklah orang-orang yang mendengar ucapanku, menyampaikan pula kepada orang lain. Semoga yang terakhir lebih memahami kata-kataku dari mereka yang terus mendengar dariku. Saksikanlah Ya Allah, bahawasanya telah aku sampaikan risalahMu kepada hamba-hambaMU.
“Telah bersabda Rasullah s.a.w. Jibrail sentiasa mengharap-harapkan akan menjadi manusia kerana tujuh perkara iaitu, sembahyang yang lima berimam, duduk bersama ulamak-ulamak, menziarah orang sakit, menghantar jenazah, memberi air minum, mendamaikan diantara dua orang bermusuh-musuhan dan memuliakan jiran serta anak-anak yatim. Maka bersungguh-sungguhlah engkau diatas perkara tersebut”.
Telah bersabda Rasullah s.a.w. beramallah engkau dengan lurus hati kerana Allah. Bahawasanya Allah Ta’ala tidak akan menerima melainkan orang yang lurus hatinya. Allah Ta’ala telah berfirman yang bermaksud;
“Barang siapa mengharap untuk berjumpa dengan Tuhanya maka hendaklah
Dia beramal yang baik den janganlah mempersekutukan Tuhan dengan apa
Juga pun”.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

baju cinta.

Seorang nenek datang menziarahi rumah cucu perempuannya yang baru berkahwin pada petang jumaat. Setelah membunyikan loceng, si nenek terkejut kerana mendapati cucu perempuannya yang membuka pintu tanpa seurat benangpun dibadannya. Belum sempat si nenek bertanya, si cucu berkata,
“saya sedang menunggu suami saya pulang dari berkerja!”.
“tapi kau telanjang !!!???” marah si nenek .
“ini BAJU CINTA saya” balas si cucu perempuannya
“BAJU CINTA ??” si nenek kehairanan
“ya, suami saya menyukainya, saya juga begitu senang MEMAKAInya. Saya harap nenek dapat balik dulu sebelum suami saya pulang kerana tentu suami saya nanti akan berasa malu melihat saya memakai BAJU CINTA ini di hadapan nenek” pinta si cucu perempuannya.
Si nenek faham kehendak cucunya. Dalam fikirannya mungkin itu cara terbaru si isteri melayan sang suami di petang jumaat ini. Di dalam perjalanan pulang si nenek mendapat idea. fikirnya dengan mengikut cara cucu perempuannya, sudah tentu dia dapat mengeratkan hubungannya dengan si atok yang sudah berumur. sesampai di rumah, si nenek tadi menanggalkan semua pakaiannya, mandi,berbedak dan memakai minyak wangi sewangi wanginya. kemudian si nenek tadi pun menunggu si atok pulang.
Berberapa ketika si atok tadi pulang, sebaik saja pintu di buka si atok mendapati si nenek berbogell kat depan pintu.
“kenapa dengan kau nie … buang tebiat???” marah si atok tadi.
“ini lah BAJU CINTA bang” kata si nenek tadi.
“BAJU CINTA???……kalau iye pun, iron la dulu baju tu”

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


who does't like it?
most of people when i asked whether they want to go to school again or not, they answered yes.
i think school is the place that we can be anyone we like.
we can do whatever we want, where we want at anytime we like.
there is only one obstacle.
the regulation of school.
sometimes the school rules can be good and bad.
but most of the time it always bad.
really miss the school.
but can't wait to further my study .
when we finished our SPM, suddenly all the burden of responsibility is on our shoulder.
many thing that we have to think.
about our future, our life.
it's so hard to think.
but, we must pass through the resistance in front of us because our future is behind the obstacle.
no one says life is easy.
'mana nak dapat sagu kalau tak dipecah runyungnya'.
try to set a goal and try as hard as you can to achieve that goal.

Friday, January 21, 2011


*this jokes taken from bill cosby show.

It was because of my father that from the ages of seven to fifteen,
I thought that my name was Jesus Christ and my brother, Russell
thought that his name was Dammit. "Dammit, will you stop all that noise?" And, "Jesus Christ, sit down!" One day, I'm out playing in the rain, and my father yelled, "Dammit will you get back in here!" I said, "Dad, I'm Jesus Christ!"

another jokes.

My parents never smiled... because I had brain damage. My wife and I don't smile because our children are LOADED with it. Oh, my parents smile now, whenever they come over to the house and see how much trouble I'm having. Oh, they have a ball! "Havin' a li'l trouble, huh, son?"

Thursday, January 20, 2011


One evening, a boy name lantoi was playing inside his room. then his mother called him.

lantoi's mother: " lantoi, tolong mak belikan kredit 20ringgit.

then lantoi just said yes mom. he went to the shop to buy what he was told by his mom.

when he arrived at the shop, he asked the worker.

lantoi: " pakcik, boleh bagi saya keledek 20ringgit tak?"

then the 'pakcik' gave him what he asked for. Later lantoi called his mother than he said.

lantoi: "mak, berat la nak angkat"

lantoi's mother: " apa yang berat?"

lantoi: "keledek yang mak suruh beli la"

lantoi's mother: " ha?? keledek?? mak suruh beli kredit bukannya keledek!"

Because of being ashamed of himself, he had to ask his brother to come to the shop just to return back all the 'keledek' at the shop.

Moral of the story, please clean your ears frequently.